The Top 5 Nutrabio Supplements I Take that You Should Too!

NutraBio Logo - Vector-blackThe Top 5 Nutrabio Supplements I Take that You Should Too!

ZMA-Spending all day in our Rat Race Rally can make winding down a little tough! Throw in a good workout into an already hectic day can leave your body in high need of good quality sleep and body recovery. ZMA, is a sleep enhancer and growth initiator you take about 30 minutes prior to shut eye. This is a convenient and easy way to get your body set for maximal recovery while you sleep.j2

POST– A sister to Nutrabio’s most recent released pre workout supplement, PRE; POST is meant to be taken post workout for maximum body stress reduction and recovery for the ultimate anti-catabolism fix. I personally take ½ scoop with my post workout whey isolate protein and another ½ scoop with my bedtime snack of Micellar Casein Protein.
I have found since the introduction of POST into my personal regimen I can hit it hard in the gym several days in a row and feel strong for each workout, which is something that I was missing before. Not to mention the strength gains and we all love gains!

Agmatine– Taken about 30 minutes prior to training and about 5 minutes before I start drinking my PRE with Creafuze and BCAA’s. Agmatine helps to dilate your blood vessels and helps distribute energy while facilitating an awesome pump during your workout, while priming you for optimal recovery post workout! Coupling this with Creafuze, blood flow and pump are extreme!

OKG– a muscle breakdown inhibitor, this is extremely important for someone like me that is consistently hitting it hard and demanding 110%. Taken prior to training, I can rest assured that my hard earned muscle is protected from the constant demands of my training schedule.

CreaFuze-Sometimes shunned, especially by females, for fear of water retention. Creatine is tried and true for good reason, it WORKS. Creafuze is a great blend of the three main types of Creatine and helps to give you that extra edge in your workout, helping you gain strength and subsequently SIZE. Bigger is ALWAYS better in the muscle department!

Happy Training!

Liz Jackson
Nutrabio Elite Athlete
Coupon Code LJ2014


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