Confessions of an Activity Tracker

If you own an activity tracker raise your hand! If you own more than one, raise both hands (…hang on I can’t type now…).


I guess with my personality I either go ALL or nothin’ because what started with a simple well intended gift from my husband has turned into quite the obsession!

Are you the same way (please tell me I am not alone!?!?)?

These trackers, depending on how “data crazy” you want to be, log everything from sleep patterns to stress levels and if you are one of those people that love to see progress in “real time” then this little TECH ticks that box quite effectively. But I sometimes wonder, Have I gone too far?

First thing I do in the morning after a quick peek into the “Daily Devotional Scripture” put out by YouVersion, is put on my trackers (yes, I meant for that to be plural). I hate to hardly even take a step without it being logged, (the reason for that will become apparent soon)… I might even walk an extra lap around my house if I have time in the morning hustle too, I mean, every step counts!

I now have a FitBit One and a Samsung GearFit and My most recent “game” of choice? Checking them against each other, of course! I laugh at how off they are during certain periods in the day! I wear the FitBit on my hip and the GearFit on my wrist. If I have been cooking a lot and stirring, the GearFit counts that as a step (works for me… I mean, I can really wear my arms out sometimes!) while my FitBit doesn’t record that.

But then other times I am walking around the grocery store with my arm stationary and GearFit doesn’t catch me walking but Fitbit does. It is always shocking though, at the end of the night they are never more than a couple hundred steps away from each other. My SECOND most recent “motivation game”? Making sure I hit my goals on both before moving to my “prize”.

I am not sure whether this should be considered extrinsic or intrinsic motivation because no one sees my trackers but me. I am not proving my steps to anyone, well-except Zach (and he honestly doesn’t care).

Either way it is motivation, and motivation is ALWAYS a good thing!
How motivating is what has surprised me though!

I mentioned my daily goals, let me explain how those came about. When I got my first tracker I was quite surprised (and then disgusted) that I wasn’t walking nearly as much as I thought I was! I was certain I was logging 5 miles a day at least, all at the speed of a “chicken with its head cut off”, and I think most people probably think they are more active than they actually are. When I got my first tracker I was only averaging around 7500 steps a day. Knowing that studies show the average person walks 10000 steps a day, I remember asking myself, “I GO from dawn till dusk, how is this possible?!?!” and I considered myself pretty active.
(where did they get those study numbers from anyway…..?!?!?!)

SO… I decided to start challenging myself to “Step Goals” throughout the day. For example:
Want a cup of coffee? Hit 1000 steps (might explain why my trackers go on STAT)
Ready to eat lunch? Hit 7000 steps (because you know I like to EAT)
Ready to hit the hay? Hit 10000 steps and don’t be sitting down until you do! (this goes for every day but one day weekly)

…Yes there have been some nights I have been brushing my teeth walking in a circle-don’t judge me.

My dear husband, who has spent some time laughing at me behind my back about this, has even started catching my little “fever” and he occasionally will log his steps. I always find it fun when we get into “step wars” or I catch him moving around a little too much at odd hours of the day until it hits me… he is trying to reach his step goal too! Then I laugh at HIM.

My line of thinking, at least we are laughing!

Am I too serious about it? Maybe. But does it really matter if I am having fun keeping myself off my butt (believe it or not I have so many lazy tendencies I am constantly battling) and my husband and I are having some fun times together with our “step wars”? I don’t really think it does and  I am ok being a little obsessed.

I mean, I can stop whenever I want. … I think.

Keep Calm and Track On!
Liz Jackson

Team Nutrabio Elite Athlete
Coupon Code LJ2014

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