Is There Such a Thing as Sweeter Than Sugar?


“Sugar, you’re sweeter than honey!”-I am imagining hearing this from the most southern woman I can possibly conjure up! I am pretty sure I have actually heard this out of my friend Karen’s mouth a couple times, actually (her accent is pretty thick too).

If this were true I would definitely melt in the rain, or maybe I should say snow since we are in the time of year where Mother Nature is clearly Bipolar and quite possibly drunk (between the lines: Can I get flip flop and tank top weather PLEASE!?!?!?).

This post is actually not talking about how sweet (or un-sweet) I am (keep your comments to yourself on that one 😀 ). But, about the literal sweetness of products we are using every day and misconceptions about them.

What stemmed this post was a Pin on Pinterest that caught my interest (I am so witty today, aren’t I?). The title was “Sugar Free No Bake Chocolate Cookies”.
I nearly started licking my phone!

Click into the post and the first ingredient listed?

1 CUP of Honey.

I plummeted into a mini depression.
Surely I am not the only one that realizes honey is sugar, am I?

And if you get right into it, Honey has more grams of sugar in it per cup than regular sugar does!
What does that mean?

It is more calorie dense.

It has more calories per cup.

It has MORE sugar than sugar.

How ELSE can I put it?

Now before I am raked over the coals about the health benefits of honey, calm down. I am well aware of the health advantages of honey (RAW, LOCAL honey):

  • Reduction of Allergies
  • medication when you are sick
  • full of antioxidants
  • anti-bacterial, anti-fungal
  • increases athletic performance (….the sugar talking possibly?..)

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. I totally GET why people use it and I encourage it’s responsible use, but I don’t really recommend it as a sugar substitute nor do I consider it sugar free because it just happens to have health benefits associated with it.

I am talking strictly from a NUTRITONAL fact standpoint.
Plain sugar (brown or white) has 200g of sugar per cup
Honey has 278g of sugar per cup.

No matter how you dice it, sugar is sugar and no matter the source (organic, non organic, honey sweetened, maple syrup sweetened), it can have the same negative effect on your body…AND your body size when eaten in the wrong quantity.  This is why you can see people who truly follow a totally: natural, raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, (what else am I missing?) kind of lifestyle and still be extremely overweight or have trouble losing those last few annoying pounds.

The thought that “it is natural, therefore healthy” isn’t necessarily wrong but it  isn’t a FREE ticket to overuse these “natural” products either.

Check out the sugar content of these Natural products that people often use in lieu of sugar thinking they are making a smarter choice:

1 cup of honey=         278g sugar
1 cup of molasses=    252g sugar
1 cup of maple syrup= 214g sugar
1 cup of sugar =            200g sugar

From a macro-nutrient perspective, table sugar is actually LESS caloric than any of these natural substitutes.
Don’t misquote me and tell everyone, “Liz says eat regular sugar”. Anyone that knows me well will probably slap you.

Just don’t confuse “healthy, all natural, honey-sweetened” as automatically better for your waistline is what I AM saying.

Now you are probably wondering what I WOULD suggest for a sugar substitute when cooking or baking.
Stay tuned… Part 2 of this post-My Top Suggested Sugar Substitutes will be along soon.

In Your Best Health,

Liz Jackson
Team Nutrabio Elite Athlete
Coupon Code: LJ2014



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