Where’s Your Compass?


Let’s get this part out of the way first:
My required:


This post is written through the eyes of someone (that’d be ME) that isn’t exactly knowledgeable when it comes to the topic of “politics”. I am often so politically incorrect myself that this whole post is actually quite funny.

BUT I digress, I resolved that with the 2016 election approaching, I WOULD become more informed and make an EDUCATED  decision when I head to the polls.

I am here to challenge you to do the same!

So, understand that I am NOT pushing a candidate, or a party. I am rather advocating for education; not only for myself but for you too!

So…about that education:

I started listening to some political based podcasts, starting using Google a bit more to research the hopefuls and the hard hitting issues and marked my calendar for the first debates of the campaigning season.

The Hopefuls

   The Hopefuls, this is outdated and  (this isn’t everyone 😦 )

It was after the first Republican debate (held last week) when a Republican hopeful, Carly Fiorina, posed a question in an interview that has really stuck with me.

This is Carly

                      This is Carly

She challenged, when questioned about Donald Trump as a candidate, that we need to stop and ask:

(I am paraphrasing)

“From what moral compass will he govern?”

This will really make you think!

… And it doesn’t just apply to “The Donald”.


With over 15 candidates vying for the Republican nomination and only a small handful reaching for the Democratic nod we are still extremely early on the road to the final 2016 election. But this is the time to start learning about these candidates and building a knowledge to understand what they are about.

We can’t choose based on who is the cutest (or Martin O’Malley will win by a landslide) or who is the most likeable, angry or funny (though Ben Carson is pretty funny and smart to boot).

Martin O'Malley

    Martin O’Malley

You can’t choose based on who is most like you (Walker has been labeled “too normal”) and we can’t decide based on who is the best scripted and coached.

I mean…. let’s look back, how often do politicians actually follow through with their promises they all run through trying to get elected??

…I still have plenty of fingers left, what about you?

I think we can all agree that we don’t want a puppet or a “yes man (or woman)” in the position of Commander in Chief and I challenge you to consider the fact that maybe we don’t necessarily want someone that you would want to sit down and “hang out” with on a Friday night either. We don’t need the World’s Most Likeable…we need the Most Likely to be a LEADER.

I have found several websites that tell you who all is vying for the nominations and a brief history, here  are some links:



The first debate for the GOP (which is the name for the Republican Party) was just held last week and actually was broken into two parts: the top ten polling candidates and the bottom 7 trailing candidates.

There were obvious stand outs in both debates but in an effort to stay politically neutral I’m not discussing them.

You can see the debates for yourself here:


I watched the debates and while the questions posed are obviously hot button topics and very real issues I found myself left wanting.

So I came up with my own set of interview questions (that I will never get to ask but…ya know, whatever) that might seem like they have nothing to do with politics or issues. But I think they better answer that main question that I’ve decided I will be filtering everything through:

“From what moral compass will you govern?”


There will be plenty of other people asking the same questions over and over about Planned Parenthood, immigration, Social Security, racial issues, ISIS, Iran (O geez…) and pro-life/pro-choice. It’s not that I don’t find those things important, because I do. It’s just that I don’t trust their answers on them because they all seem scripted and coached, unreal and more like “sound bites”.

I want total truth and transparency… I just LOL’d… I forgot I am talking about Politics, aren’t I?

So, anyway, this is my list. I challenge you to make your own and read up!  Let’s be an INFORMED Nation and learn who is ready to LEAD.


1) What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? What did it teach you? How did you recover?

2) What is your biggest weakness?

3) Assume you are elected and you’re getting ready to LEAVE office to the next CIC. What 5 major things are you going to tell your grandkids you’re responsible for?

4) Who are your top 5 campaign contributors?

What have you promised them?

5) Your caught in a lie, what do you do? What was the most recent lie you recall telling (and don’t lie and say you have never lied)?

6) What are the three main money pits plaguing the US government right now?

7) If I served you this for lunch every day would you eat it?

Chili Dogs My Students Take: " they had fries, but ran out of food before I got to the server. This was the best lunch yet but it tasted ike the SMELL of canned dog food"

(this is an actual picture from my post about School Lunch.)

8) Top 3 issues that come to mind when I say…:

“Not my circus not my monkeys”

9) Last book you read because you WANTED to?

10) Do you believe in sleeping in on Saturdays or I’ll sleep when I’m dead?

11) Why should I believe a thing you say?

12) Past success doesn’t guarantee future success BUT past failure doesn’t guarantee future failure…

  1. a) Tell me your biggest failure, why was it a failure?
  2. b) Tell me your biggest success, why was it a success?

Bonus “lightening round” Questions:

  1. Do you even lift?
  2. There is a time and place for spanking your kids, yes or no?
  3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  4. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Why? Last time you took a “selfie”?
  5. People are too easily offended, yes or no?
  6. What is an organization you would volunteer for with no publicity possible. Why?

Like I said, this is my list. It’s random and plays to my “off the cuff” personality.

I can bet you can come up with some pretty interesting questions of your own!

Share them with me!…Maybe we can make a list and send to the final nominees, then cross our fingers for answers!

May We Always Be the Home of the Free,


Liz Jackson


2 thoughts on “Where’s Your Compass?

  1. I love these!! When compared to nations around the World we rank so low in education, it is obvious “no child left behind” hasn’t exactly worked out. That is a VERY interesting question at the end; should parents be held accountable for their child’s educational success?
    …makes me wonder if they WERE, what the ramifications would be when there were delinquencies?


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