Acronym Your Way to Becoming a Happy Wife!


I seem to be on a “let’s make life happier” kick these days! Maybe I am dealing with myself on that topic more than I like to admit but either way, a fringe benefit of that work is my inability to keep it to myself and since I am in the habit of throwing myself under the bus for your enjoyment I might as well keep the trend!

I was listening to a podcast (that is coming out my mouth more and more often these days…) from Focus on the Family the other morning and the guest was a writer named Arlene Pellicane.

Arlene has released a book(s) called “31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife” and more recently “31 Days to Becoming a Happy Husband”.

I love books like this and I enjoyed the podcast very much! You can listen to it here:

Arlene utilizes an Acronym in the book and on the Podcast called H-A-P-P-Y and as I listened I could feel myself itching to expand it further and that is what I have done. I have taken her original and pushed a little further to bring you the acronym:

H-A-P-P-Y  W-I-F-E.

Don’t worry, to be fair I am working up H-A-P-P-Y H-U-S-B-A-N-D; you’ll have it next week!

You can find Arlene’s books here:

Starting with Arlene’s acronym below we have HAPPY.

  I have given you my interpretations of her chosen words and paraphrase her line of thinking and add a dash of my own, but I encourage you to dig further into HER definitions because I think each of our interpretations of the words will be different based on the different life experiences we filter through.

H-opeful-keeping a positive outlook and always hoping for the best in a situation and in your partner.

A-daptable- keeping your options open and flexible (with limits!-you shouldn’t be bending every direction ALL the time)

P-urposeful- know that you have a reason, a purpose and are important, not only in your marriage; but in your life.

P-ositive- Don’t allow yourself to become negative…in your outlook or in your thoughts; about your husband, your marriage, life or even when dealing with your kids.

Y-yielded-While it might be hard to swallow; the Bible does mention this…but I believe it goes both ways. I really like the term MUTUAL submission; always holding the other in higher regard than yourself.

l love these, they are short and sweet (both things I struggle with…) and I truly think it helps you stay focused on your marriage and keeping it as healthy as possible; which we all know takes work!

But in the spirit of expanding our limits (and pushing the “KISS” acronym away), let’s go further with: WIFE

W-illingness- being willing to trust, love, accept and keep an open mind (and open arms) to your husband.

I-nspire- Let your husband know that you think he is the best! Give him reason to want to impress you, help you and work hard for you and PRAISE him for those things. THANK him for the things he does, just by doing so you will push him to better himself…because he wants to be his best FOR YOU.


F-aith- TRUST and have faith in your husband’s abilities and intensions; always believing the best of both.

E-xercise- Taking care of your body to help build your personal confidence and make you feel well overall so you can deal better with the stresses of life and better facilitate the previous 8 letters of this acronym.

These are all things I have dealt with myself on and I am nowhere NEAR perfect in any of them. I am continually learning and growing, searching and readjusting my ways or how I think. I even venture to say I haven’t fully grown up yet even though I am well into adulthood.


But the more I think about it, I really don’t ever want to be “done”, I don’t ever want to have it all figured out or be so smart I no longer need to adjust my way of thinking; where’s the fun in that!?

Stayed tuned for the Happy Husband post!!

Here’s to Being a Happy Wife,


Liz Jackson


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