Back to School Snack Ideas

I know I promised the “Happy Husbands” post next BUT with the start of school I have had several request to publish out a snack idea list that I came up with for Gray’s school this year.

Most of you know of the craziness that transpired last year with Gray’s class and the sad snack bringing habits. You can check the post here (it might make you cry-I know it did me).

I was so excited when the teachers came to me and asked me to compile a list of BUDGET friendly, healthIER snack ideas that they could suggest for the parents. It was funny because it was requested that I look at Dollar General because it seemed a large amount of snacks are bought from there; so there are specific  items to Dollar General mentioned, but there are other ideas as well!

Ideas for Snacks 4 Simple Rules:

1.. Sugar less than 10g PER SERVING (cuts out MOST juice boxes-you’re welcome)


2.Shortest Ingredient List Possible (with things you can pronounce)

3.Offer as balanced of a snack as possible (protein source, carbohydrate source and fat source)

4. Offer whole food whenever possible (real cheese, carrots, apples, grapes, blueberries, bananas (they can be cut!)





THIS IS NOT REAL FRUIT-THIS IS NOTHING BUT SUGAR O! …and 100% Vitamin C for the day… Just eat WHOLE food and the Vitamin C will take care of itself.

1. Sliced block cheese (such as Kraft block cheese-they also have block cheese at Dollar General in Osage) served with Wheat Thin Crackers or any cracker mentioned below.

2. Smart Food Pre-popped popcorn (available at Dollar General in Osage) with mixed nuts

3. Shortbread cookies (several kinds available at Dollar General in Osage) with mixed nuts or cheese off the block (or cheese sticks)

4. Cheez it crackers with Carrots

5. Carrots or Apples and peanut butter (JIF natural or Aldi Natural-ok choices-sunflower butter is a peanut free option)

6. Town House Focaccia Crackers or flipsides crackers (available at Dollar General) with Cheese or mixed nuts

7. Graham crackers with peanut butter or cheese/cheese sticks

8. Triscuit (or Clover Valley at Dollar General) crackers with cheese

9. Club Snacksticks with Peanut butter or cheese

10. Coconut Bar Cookies (at Dollar General) with mixed nuts

11. Coconut Macaroon cookies with mixed nuts

12. Sunflower seeds or mixed nuts and apples/grapes/berries and a above mentioned cracker

13. Mixed nuts with Snap Pea (or Lentil) crisps

14. Aldi Brand Organic Popcorn (bagged, pre popped) with cheese sticks

15. Bananas (1/2 for each kid) with Peanut butter

Plastic cups are available at Dollar General  for WATER at 56 count for 2 dollars OR in the sake of planet health they could always use the water fountain…

Happy Snacking!

Liz Jackson

IMG_2534copy (2)3


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