PaperClip Power

Before you scold me too harshly for not writing much (…ok, not at all) as of late; just know I have felt REALLY bad about it! I won’t write unless I have something that moves me to. You will never see me try to push a topic that isn’t interesting, important or something that I don’t think will help you in some way.

It is funny to think something as simple as a paper clip has given me the motivation to sit down and wri…er, type for you today!

This post is short and sweet and really only meant as a quick tip revolving around what to do when we get snacky (or in my case, Hangry; a very unflattering state for me personally).

It all started with a trip to my pantry because I just wanted something to crunch on! I open my cupboard to see what was about and immediately reached for these Mini Peanut Butter Snack Crackers that are not even mine, they belong to Gray.


But I’ve taught the kid that sharing is important so I am sure he won’t mind me swiping a couple. I open up the box and see that I have paper clipped the inside bag closed to help keep them fresh (score mom “adulting” points).


Seeing the paperclip gave me just enough pause that I stopped and reconsidered my choice. “Do I really NEED mini peanut butter sandwich cookies”? The answer is, of course, “no I do not.”

I closed the box, sighed and silently scold myself for nearly stealing my poor child’s sandwich crackers and put them back in the pantry. I then proceeded to the fridge and got some cottage cheese instead. I know the slow digesting protein of the cottage cheese will keep me full until dinner and I realize I have saved myself from stepping off in the wrong direction in food choices for the day. Win!

The above mentioned scenario has actually played out in my kitchen a few times over the last week and every time I find myself stopping at the paper clip. How simple of a solution to unwanted snacking! I implore you to try this for yourself! Make the snacks a little harder to get to somehow, add an extra step or anything to give that extra second of pause before you dig in.

I would love to hear if it helps you as it has helped me!

Happy Snacking!


 Liz Jackson


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