Is it Buzzworthy or Not?

In my local area there has been some buzz over Collagen based protein; especially using it post  exercise to boost muscle recovery. While there may be some health benefits of the protein (just like with any responsibly made and properly researched supplement), true to my usual form, I want to make sure that everyone is as educated as possible about what they are putting in their bodies.

A few key points that you need to remember:

  1. Collagen protein IS NOT NEW; it is not revolutionary. This product, in various forms, has been around and used for years and if someone tries to tell you differently, they are trying to sell you with what is quite possibly a gimmicky product.
  2. Collagen is missing essential muscle building amino acids that ARE present in Whey or animal based protein supplements.
  3. There is no scientific research or extensive evidence behind collagen protein for anything other than some arthritic application and even that is not completely proven.

I am not just spouting random thoughts, I have spent some time researching and forming an opinion on this topic.

Here are my main sources of my formal opinion (and don’t forget, we are all allowed one).

Excerpt from: From a nutritional point of view, collagen and gelatin are a poor-quality sole source of protein since they do not contain all the essential amino acids in the proportions that the human body requires—they are not ‘complete proteins‘ (as defined by food science, not that they are partially structured). Manufacturers of collagen-based dietary supplements usually containing hydrolyzed collagen claim that their products can improve skin and fingernail quality as well as joint health. However, mainstream scientific research has not shown strong evidence to support these claims.[41] Individuals with problems in these areas are more likely to be suffering from some other underlying condition (such as normal aging, dry skin, arthritis etc.) rather than just a protein deficiency.

Excerpt from:

Hydrolyzed collagen is taken in doses of around 10g a day for skin health and some benefits to joints, and can be taken with meals. It should not be taken in higher doses as a Protein Supplement (for muscle gain and fat loss) due to having less efficacy than other protein sources and a lackluster amino acid profile


The main thing I want you to pay attention to is that Collagen protein is LACKING essential amino acids to aid in the recovery of muscles after exercise. That is why I will always recommend Whey or Whey Casein blend based protein supplements such as Nutrabio 100% Whey Isolate or the Nutrabio Muscle Matrix.

I have not touched into the cost of Collagen supplements because that is not something I have a lot insight into and I won’t try to do act like I do.

Any time you want information about a supplement I highly recommend the website called . The amount of research complied in one place is impressive and pretty easy to dissect.

You ask questions about the prescription medications you take, you make sure you put the correct octane gas in your car; you scrutinize your bills or reports from work or school. ALL of these things directly affect you and your life. I still beg the question, WHY do we not do the same with the supplements we take? Why do we just accept whatever some random person says because they are our “friend”? Look into stuff yourself, whatever it pertains to and yes, I mean everything- EVEN WHAT I SAY.

All I am asking you is to educate yourself, especially before you push something onto others.


Liz Jackson



P.S. Side note- did you know that Gelatin is basically Collagen protein? Just something to…chew on.


6 thoughts on “Is it Buzzworthy or Not?

  1. hi, im liz jackson. Im bitter and so insanly jealous of sam and his success that i spend all my time trying to discredit everything he does and says even though without Sam, my dream of owning a gym would have never happened.

    Honestly, i wish you would just get over my boyfriend and move on with your life. We thought selling the gym would help with that.


    1. This post is a general reference to questions I’ve had posed to me about collagen protein ONLY. It is based in research that I have spent some time on. It has nothing to do with anything that you have mentioned and I’m sorry that you think it does. It’s part of my life that people ask me questions about supplements and I have every right to respond to those questions.


  2. Your online certification does not make you an expert. Your lack of formal education, yet portrayal of informed makes you a danger to people who actually know. Rather you feed false information with sources, like wikepedia. You don’tdon’t reference scholarly articles, as professionals or educational instructors do. Mayve it would be wise to sinply continue answering people with “I am not informed on the matter, see a real dietician.”


    1. I’ve always enjoyed your sense of humor!

      And, I find your idea an excellent one! When someone asks me something that I cannot answer I will CONTINUE to refer them to someone that I feel CAN help them. And when someone comes to you, before you sell them anything, you can tell them that they should go to a dietician first. Since you also are not “formerly educated” on the matter. And I stand behind my sources as I feel they are sound. And my final suggestion. If you don’t like what I write about, then simply don’t read it.

      Enjoy this rainy Monday!


    2. Well ms Shannon, you just need to take a step back and evaluate yourself. Not sure where your research comes from, but at least there is documented facts from Liz’s posts. Don’t necessarily see any of that in your case. Too bad that the only way some can feel better about themselves is by cutting others down. That is where I see you. Grow up and put your big girl panties on and just get over whatever it is that is making you act the way you do. Life is way to short and precious.


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