What is She Thinking?

One of the most frequent questions I get is “What do you eat?”

I eat a lot! But I think they are more interested in HOW I figure out what I am eating versus what I actually eat.


A rare inside peak into my brain when I am looking at a nutrition label-yes, the BACK OF A PACKAGE-not just the front (seatbelts recommended).


FYI-My rules for Gray, Zach ARE DIFFERENT-but that’s for another time.



I completely skip the calories, I DON’T CARE.

Immediate focus-sugar. Is it over 9g? Yes, put it back I am not buying it.                                                 Is it under 9g? Continue,

Next focus- Protein, is it higher than the sugar (there are a few exceptions to this-like if I am looking at food that I wouldn’t expect to have protein)? If not- put back. If Yes, Continue

Next focus- Fats– how high is it collectively? What is the saturated fat content? Depending on the product I will allow for more or less saturated fat, but as a general rule FOR MYSELF-the lower the better and if it has more than 6g of saturated fat per serving- I do not buy it.  I focus on getting the majority of my fats from Poly and Mono-unsaturated fats. Does this mean I advocate against eggs, real butter or oils? NO-BUT I DO advocate knowing your limits on these things and we all have a threshold for every type of food.

Next Focus- Carbohydrates– how high is it? What is the fiber? If the fiber is less than the sugar then I usually won’t buy it and if there is no fiber I will not buy it (with A FEW exceptions, like dairy or proteins -as thesel have no fiber NATURALLY).

Next Focus-Ingredients– less than 10? Yes, continue No? Put it back-usually.
Can I pronounce or do I know what all of the ingredients are for? Yes, continue-if not I will GOOGLE  and decide if that is something I am ok with or not (THAT depends on each person, btw).
Any artificial colors? I will not buy USUALLY.
Soy? I will not buy USUALLY.



Multi-tasking focuses Is this organic? Non-GMO? “Natural”? Whole food or packaged?

I believe in a mixed approach for organics. I will go for organic on things like tomato sauce, fruits, some veggies and corn and popcorn (I am sure I forgetting something).

The thing to remember is “organic” doesn’t automatically mean that it changes how your body metabolizes a food. A cookie is STILL a cookie, even if it is made with organic sugar. Regular sugar and organic sugar are STILL SUGAR.


Looking back on all that, now I know why I feel like I need a nap after going to the  grocery store!


Liz Jackson



One thought on “What is She Thinking?

  1. This is an awesome break down. It’s probably the best and easiest way I have ever heard label reading put. Great job!!


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