The 7 Stages of Understanding

My first thoughts as I wandered the aisles of the grocery store were simple and innocent enough. “I haven’t made a dessert in awhile” “A cookie sounds amazing” “I wonder what I can find on the baking aisle…”


The pressure I feel is almost comical. I am probably considered one of the foremost “health nuts” in my small little community. I don’t eat sugar, processed foods, fruit, grains, starch of any kind and I turn my nose up at many of the artificial sweeteners that are commonly used, such as: Splenda, Equal, Sweet N Low, Malitol, and Xylitol (and this is by no means an exhaustive list). BUT MAN, I want something sweet!… But no sugar, no starch and definitely no fake food….and people watching me will expect nothing less than that.


…See what I mean about pressure?


So, I find myself on the baking aisle. I already know what I will find. But there is a new addition to the shelf. Pyure, an organic stevia blend meant for baking. Stevia is a sweetener I really have no qualm with. If you get it in the proper form (liquid extract that you typically only find at health stores) you have your hands on one of the most natural ways to sweeten foods, only behind buying a stevia plant and dipping the leaves into your tea (which you can totally do if you happen to not be a plant mass murderer like mua). Promising to not impact blood sugar or insulin, Pyure and Swerve are quickly becoming the most popular alternative sweetener to regular sugar.

And with claims like that I am intrigued but skeptical,
The mental argument that ensued should be added to the local TV stations daytime soap opera.


“No… if it sounds too good to be true, it is” -Good Angel
“You should buy it and try it and I bet you’ll like it” -Bad Angel


Bad angel won.


The ideas for everything I could do with it ran wild. I made cookies, no bakes, barks, brownies, pies, whipping cream  (all LC, no added sugar, GF, LCHF).


I am pretty sure I was out of the bag in less than 2 days and I found myself braving Wal-Mart again just to get more.


Whoa… what happened here?


This pattern ensued for a little while longer before something dawned on me.

One little trigger for a “little treat” had turned into a insatiable appetite for a little something to eat, a little sweet treat. Just a “little”.

My appetite hadn’t been this high for sweets in many many moons.

And that was the start of what I am going to call the The 7 stages of understanding (much like the seven stages of grief).

  1. Appalled
  2. Angry
  3. Depressed
  4. Acceptance
  5. Education
  6. Resilience
  7. Enlightenment


I went from being aghast with my actions , to angry that I had let myself continue, then sad that I did it, to accepting I did, correcting the actions through education, then overcoming all of the negative to end with some peace.


…all over a little bag of sweetener.


If you could see me right now, I would be shaking my head.


Here was my problem.

While, maybe my blood sugar was fine, I think the erythritol messes with your Leptin and Gherlin hormones a little too much for my liking.


Lept, Gherli-What?

Yes, these little guys are your dietary hero and villain.

Leptin being your satiety hormone (“hey, dude, you have had enough-knock off the meat platter”).

Gherlin being the “gremlin” that attacks your mental fortate with an overwhelming persuasive chant of “feed me, feeeeed mee more, FEEEEEEEED MEEEE”-you get the idea.



So let this be a little warning to my friends. Whether you are trying to limit your carbs, cut your processed foods, eat a more “natural” plate, or just stop eating out; the good angel always has your best interest at heart. And if it sounds too good to be true?.. It probably is.


What is your take on baking blends like Pyure and Swerve?

Have you noticed an increase in appetite?


In Health,

Liz Jackson
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The Elephant in the Room

I hope you managed to see my previous post that is the precursor to this post!

But just in case you missed it…

This won’t make sense if you don’t listen to the podcast so here is your homework:


I have been brooding about this topic for at least a week; questioning whether I should write about it or not and I find myself convincing myself not to and then again finding myself convincing myself I must. What a predicament! 

This topic is touchy, tricky and will probably hit you somewhere between offended or reflective and I apologize in advance.

When I first started listening to this podcast I told myself to have an open mind and really listen to the words, stories and explanations. I digested the ideas, feelings and information over and over and I just can’t wrap my head around a few things (which probably why I am here…).  While there are a couple issues discussed in the podcast that I don’t quite agree with, like the ORU “scandal” ,those really aren’t the focus of my post today and I don’t go over them.

Listening as someone that is not overweight I am indeed “on the outside looking in” but I think there is something missing from this segment; the part where this isn’t just about being “fat”. The guests on the podcast give you the general feeling that ALL people that aren’t fat judge people that are, considering them less worthy of normal manners or sympathies because of their weight.  They tell you to stop “fat shaming them” or telling them how wrong they are about their life because we don’t really “care” about their health. Going further to express that, in reality, we just find them gross or negligent or lazy when that may or may not be the actual case-and that it truly isn’t any of our business anyway.

I am going to stop short of going full on “politics” as things like: The Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare and Welfare benefits ALL come to mind because they are, as a tax paying citizen, INDEED my business and if there happens to be a condition being treated under any of those aforementioned entities caused by the pre-existing condition of unnamed subject then maybe I AM a little miffed.  ANYWAY.

Here is my deal.

I take care to listen to my vessel, keeping health in mind for myself, my family and OUR future…because I want to have one. I call this: Personal Accountability.  Now I do realize that every person has a different amount of personal accountability or a shifted view from what I consider personal accountability and I am here to tell you that it is OK! But don’t assume that I am somehow un-phased, above scrutiny OR an overly judgmental human because I hold MYSELF accountable.

I beg the question, Have you ever been the presumably skinny girl in a group of slightly overweight/obese or otherwise unfit individuals? That judgmental stigma that is suggested throughout the podcast goes both ways my friends. While there are many that ASSUME that if you are fat you are not fit; there are those that ASSUME that since you are fit you don’t have to try to be that way. I don’t know how many times I have heard, “O, I bet you eat like a mouse!” (in a southern drawl to boot) “Honey, if I had your figure…O well, time will take care of you!”

….No one ever asked about how I was up at 6am to run, in the gym lifting after work or the walk I took after dinner.

….No one ever asked about how I took the time to understand that I need X many calories in a day and how to properly manage them throughout the day to fuel and not overfill my body.

People ASSUME a LOT (on both sides of this coin), like I don’t have to work to remain HEALTHY (notice I didn’t say thin).

One other thing that strikes me in this podcast is one guests suggestion that “we”( as in thin people) don’t like that fat people (her words, not mine) take up more room in on an airplane, in a restaurant or _____ (you get the idea). Well… I hate to sound-rude. BUT, I think it is kind of rude to expect it to be ok for you to spill over into my seat making my trip even more cramped than it already has to be (we are talking coach seats people, I ain’t rich) and then expecting me to just roll with it and not be a little annoyed.  What if we swapped? Would you be ok with me taking up my seat and half of yours? This isn’t judgment; this is showing decency and courtesy towards others and personal space (I paid $ for my seat too…)am I wrong to want to expect my personal space to be respected?

I think the thing that frustrates me is this stigma that this “judgment” only goes one way; I am here to tell you that it doesn’t.  I have been the subject of much scrutiny for being thin (ASSUMED with no effort at all or not eating at all), considered unintelligent for being a blonde-and considered even more so by being blonde AND being young…er than others (though I am losing that one quickly), eyed suspiciously for not helping myself to a “all you can stuff” free food bonanza at work and considered extreme and radical for carving out time to go the gym several times a week. I’ve been told I am too skinny, too muscular, too fat (yes, that has happened), too fit, ugly.  I have been told this straight to my face and I am expected to take it in stride and not be offended. BUT if I told someone that they are overweight, obese or fat to their face….things like this podcast happen (by the way, I would never tell someone that with intention to hurt them).

It is mentioned in the podcast that there are MANY considerations to take in when you are looking at someone’s weight; genetics is one. I get that, some of us are pre-destined to have bigger bones, carry our weight in our hips or around our waist more easily. Some of us have broad shoulders and long legs. Some of us are born under 10lbs and have a fair chance at being healthy, active, whole-spiritually, mentally and physically even if that doesn’t  necessarily equate to being  thin- O wait, that is 99% of us.

Another that needs consideration is medical conditions that cause unintentional weight gain…and even weight loss. I can agree that it is impossible to know what a person is combating in a snapshot of time while we pass them on the street or see them in the store. But that also brings us back to assumptions. Assumptions are a dangerous thing and often hurtful thing!

However, I will venture to say that there are MORE conditions or diseases caused BY weight gain than weight gain caused by conditions/deseases.

The socio-economical factor is actually more detrimental and foreshadowing than the “genetics card” or even the “medical card” in my mind; I am talking about habits, lifestyles and education levels.

If you grow up in a family that knows nothing about nutrition, does everything in its power to play to convenience and simplicity (taking the elevator vs. the stairs, eating out at Italian buffet vs. cooking at home) and doesn’t at least make a small effort to be healthy then it makes perfect sense that you, your parents and their parents…and their parents’ parents are all overweight. What I call the domino effect occurs naturally within the family unit and it truly answers the statement, “I don’t know why I am overweight”- you’ve never known how NOT to be.

On the flip side, if you grow up in a family that puts at least small efforts into staying active, eating for nutrition; planting seeds of knowledge about both of those things (or effort to that affect, even if it’s misled or false information)-it makes perfect sense that you would be relatively trim, athletically built and have more endurance. It also answers the question (that you might have a hard time answering), “How do I stay healthy?”-you’ve never known how NOT to be.

I do not believe it is overly difficult to stay HEALTHY (notice I didn’t say skinny) and I personally have no ill feelings towards anyone that has a six pack of abs or not a single one-as long as you are indeed HEALTHY.

And here in lies my question; are you? Be honest. Are you HEALTHY?
Do you take the time to learn about different types of foods, what is considered healthy vs. not healthy? I am not even suggesting that you HAVE to exercise but are you able to walk up a few flights of stairs if needed without feeling like you need oxygen or able to walk the dog and enjoy it without being overly winded? What if your child wants to play tag or run around the house, can you accommodate them or are you more apt to turn them towards the TV or video game? Do you take medication for conditions that could possibly become unnecessary with less fat in your diet, losing a little weight or being a little more active? Don’t misconstrue my intention. I am not telling you that you are less or more for your answers here, I am simply asking for self-reflection.  If you answered yes to the “healthy” question- GREAT! I don’t care if you are thin, fat or somewhere in the middle-as long as you FEEL and ARE HEALTHY.

See, I reject this idea that I don’t “care” about an overweight individual. I care. I care more than just about your physically appearance. How are you feeling mentally? Are you HAPPY (and I am here to tell you that thinking you’ll be happier skinnier is a fallacy that needs to DIE)? Are you indeed HEALTHY-in a way that you feel good about?  How is your family; are is your KIDS healthy and happy-are you striving and able to give them a good start to a FAIR fight for a decent future?

The answers (to all my questions posed here) will be multifaceted and everyone will have a different interpretation of what is whole and healthy for THEM. And you know what? That is OK.

I want you to understand something. Some of the most gentle, caring, BEAUTIFUL souls I know couldn’t fit into a size small, or a medium for that matter, and I couldn’t care one iota about it.  Those wonderful few that I allow close enough to know me well enough to understand that I have no true malice towards just about anyone no matter their shape have given me the chance to love them without prejudice and I am thankful for the opportunity.

I think what I am trying to do is ask for something.  Give me some credit, a chance to prove that every person that I come in contact with comes to me on a level field. Whether you run 10 miles a day or eat McDonalds for every meal, I meet you with ZERO presumptions or assumptions-do me that same honor. I can’t speak for everyone, nor do I try to (and I definitely don’t want to) but I know my head and I know my heart.

As my friends (whether we are friends or strangers it really makes no difference) thick or thin, fit or fat-you are not judged by me, I am much more interested in your whole health and your whole heart.

To Whole Health with my Whole Heart,


Let Me Give You Some Homework

I listen to podcasts on nearly a daily basis and one that I have recently added to my list is This American Life.

I listened to the podcast below a couple of weeks back and I am challenging you to do the same.

I have a post that is scheduled to come out on Wednesday the 29th over the topic discussed and I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Please know, that I mean no malice, I have zero intent of hurting anyone’s feelings. I find this podcast quite interesting and slightly infuriating.

How do you feel about it?

See you Wednesday!

Here is the link:




Public Education is Dead


I have no illusions, I am not the most educated on the issues surrounding our state but I do strive to have a general knowledge of it.  

One thing I do know is that we have all seen the budget cut articles, felt the squeeze in our local classroom, seen the cuts first hand at the loss of our child’s extra-curricular activity; whether that be a specialized art or a sports team. I personally have had more than one conversation between current and past teachers and each conversation leaves me feeling just a bit more hopeless.  

How are we supposed to be the seemingly smartest, most talented nation in the world, raising kids with exponential possibilities before them if we can’t even properly educate our youth to become that talent?

I look into the money trail and incredulously wonder how millions of tax payer dollars can just “disappear” with no answer as to where it went and then further question why we ever brought the lottery into the state when the greatest promise made from that was money for education.

With seemingly every state in the red I am starting to question how long our public school system (or any public “system” for that matter) is going to survive.

States don’t want to pay our teachers properly (at least not in Oklahoma) and with horrendous class sizes and expectations put on teachers for very little return it is no wonder we have a shortage of qualified and to go one step further, EXCITED teachers. I know several that teach because they love to teach and they pay dearly for it; sacrificing more time and energy than is fair, yes by choice but not only do they choose it- they have a higher calling and feel that in their life. They know if they don’t NO ONE WILL and that keeps them getting out of bed in the morning after they didn’t fall into their beds until late into the night from preparing or grading or planning for their classrooms; hundreds of hours they are never paid for other than through smiles and invisible light bulbs going off over the heads of struggling youth.

I know I am not alone when I say that I am so very concerned about the state of our schools and the future there. Protests have been held, letters have been written and meetings had but there seems to be no traction; at least not for the little guys (and I mean that literally and figuratively). State and Federal Government continue to cut dollars for budget shortfalls (though I seem to be paying more and more in taxes each year myself) and this goes well beyond just educational cuts, hitting the poorest of the poor, the elderly and downtrodden. You’ll remember my previous post about the Medicaid cuts that are going to be treacherous on our dear state.

What are our legislators thinking?! What needs to happen for the tide to turn? Who needs to open their eyes? Is it us; is it them? I don’t want to contribute to these problems-and as a citizen I feel that starts with how I vote in elections-but even that doesn’t go my way (two words: Mary Fallin). Are my hands tied, are yours?
More questions than answers.

I look into the very near future and see our public high schools disappearing completely. I see private organizations taking over lower grade education and virtual home schooling for higher grades. The option to do public home school is already in full swing and growing in popularity every year and while it might seem like a great option for a struggling student I wonder of the social consequences. Students must know how to interact in person to person settings. I have already noticed that an alarming number of kids under the age of 20 or so have a hard time engaging in a full conversation with me while also exhibiting proper behavior for a conversation: eye contact, attention, engagement. Too wrapped up in their stupid cell phones, distracted by the fictitious world of Facebook, IG and Snapchat.

Then to bring my mind a little further past my current borders I wonder if privatizing education would be all that bad? Teachers would work with private companies, possibly being paid a decent salary and have manageable class sizes and doable workloads. Doesn’t seem so terrible, until we count the costs. How many can truly afford private education?

As a parent I find this tumultuous time quite scary. I want the best for my son, as I am sure you want the best for your child. I wish I had more answers than questions and better feelings for his future and the future of education as a whole.  For now, though, I am focusing on saving money for his education and I suspect that the costs will start WAY before college ever does.

… Maybe I need to invent an education fund like the 529 plan but call it the 712 plan, covering costs from 7th grade to 12th grade graduation.

As Confused as You Are,

Liz Jackson

To The Beautiful Souls That Keep Us Afloat

I implore you to think of that person (we all have at least one) that you know that is the person I talk about in this letter and when you have it figured out, I want you to send it to them (just copy and paste). The thought that you are thinking of them will mean the WORLD to this person. I don’t say that because I know who you will pick, but because the person that you pick will be so touched and so full of joy because of who THEY are.

I was moved to write this today and I am not sure why. But when the urge hits, there is a reason for it and I cannot ignore it!

I hope this brings joy to those that need it and hits home for others as it has for me.


To Those Souls,

I watch you.

Day in and day out, there is no one as steady as you.

Continually striving, struggling and stretching for people that will never repay you- and you do it anyway. You serve, sweat and swerve off course at your own expense to help someone that doesn’t know the first thing about doing the same thing-yet you do it anyway.

You give knowing there is no repayment, you allow yourself to be hurt- yet you do it anyway. You know you will be used yet you do it anyway, you know full well they won’t give what you do and yet you continue to give it anyway.

You bend until you break- and you keep bending anyway.

Why do you do it? It can be a puzzle to most, but I know the truth because I know you most.

It’s Because you are YOU and that is what you would do and what you would hope for if you were in their shoes. You are a healer, a believer, the calm after the storm.

You are not them- you are not a taker, a scammer or a game player- maybe you aren’t dripping in money but you have something that even earthly wealth can’t buy-a beautiful inside that will always stay humble and kind.

People will ask you; why do you try? Why do you strive? Why do you help someone until it hurts; when that same soul will take no time turning their back on you the second you are no longer serving their needs?

The answer is simple- because you are YOU.

You see it isn’t about them, it isn’t about who they are or who they’ve been; it’s all about who YOU are and the power within.

Don’t let the evil of the world; the takers, nay-sayers or the backstabbers stop you from being what you are at your core.

You ARE Beautiful, flawed but striving-always caring and sharing what you have (even when it might nearly kill you) for another. To help, to calm, to save someone else even at the expense of yourself. This is a gift, one not given to many.

You start your day with ferocity and end in exhaustion; sailing high when others are high and bring yourself down to the trenches when are those that are low. Don’t ever stop loving the way that you do, because it is people like you that bring beauty into the darkness, laughter into the madness and joy into sadness.

There is no “thank you” big enough for what you are and what you do. And what is so great about you; even with my lack of ability to articulate how wonderful you are, you’ll DO IT ANYWAY.

And that continues to give me hope in a world that seems so bleak, a time in life when it can be hard to speak. Thank you for bringing a light around us.

Thank you for always being about us.


To Our Beautiful Friends,

Liz Jackson

PaperClip Power

Before you scold me too harshly for not writing much (…ok, not at all) as of late; just know I have felt REALLY bad about it! I won’t write unless I have something that moves me to. You will never see me try to push a topic that isn’t interesting, important or something that I don’t think will help you in some way.

It is funny to think something as simple as a paper clip has given me the motivation to sit down and wri…er, type for you today!

This post is short and sweet and really only meant as a quick tip revolving around what to do when we get snacky (or in my case, Hangry; a very unflattering state for me personally).

It all started with a trip to my pantry because I just wanted something to crunch on! I open my cupboard to see what was about and immediately reached for these Mini Peanut Butter Snack Crackers that are not even mine, they belong to Gray.


But I’ve taught the kid that sharing is important so I am sure he won’t mind me swiping a couple. I open up the box and see that I have paper clipped the inside bag closed to help keep them fresh (score mom “adulting” points).


Seeing the paperclip gave me just enough pause that I stopped and reconsidered my choice. “Do I really NEED mini peanut butter sandwich cookies”? The answer is, of course, “no I do not.”

I closed the box, sighed and silently scold myself for nearly stealing my poor child’s sandwich crackers and put them back in the pantry. I then proceeded to the fridge and got some cottage cheese instead. I know the slow digesting protein of the cottage cheese will keep me full until dinner and I realize I have saved myself from stepping off in the wrong direction in food choices for the day. Win!

The above mentioned scenario has actually played out in my kitchen a few times over the last week and every time I find myself stopping at the paper clip. How simple of a solution to unwanted snacking! I implore you to try this for yourself! Make the snacks a little harder to get to somehow, add an extra step or anything to give that extra second of pause before you dig in.

I would love to hear if it helps you as it has helped me!

Happy Snacking!


 Liz Jackson

Top Tips to Feel Your Best

A few days ago I posted on Facebook about how great I felt and everything that I had managed to do that day; all with pep in my step and energy to spare. In all honesty I was kind of poking a little friendly fun at my friends that have all the sudden become healthy living advocates after discovering the “next best thing” in health products.

We all have know someone or at least know someone that knows someone that is selling through multi-level marketing and a lot of these things are health and wellness products. Let me stop right there and tell you that I believe a lot of these companies are legitimate businesses and there is legitimate ability to make money with them-doesn’t mean I want to be involved with them though. I have some that confuse Nutrabio with a multi-level company (they are NOT) and I am quick to correct any confusion on that front. Nutrabio is a supplement company, did you see that word? SUPPLEMENT. Which means SUPPLEMENTAL- or in addition to. I love Nutrabio’s Multi-Vitamin and I love Nutrabio Protein for after a hard workout and I love their amino acid products for training-BUT that isn’t the purpose of this post.  I am talking about feeling good and having energy every day-no matter if you are working out or not.

Let me explain-some of my friends have started avoiding me  because I don’t immediately jump on the next bandwagon of “miracle supplements” or because I ask questions that they cannot answer and they take it as me being “rude”.  It is frustrating because I don’t understand why we can’t be friends and have a different opinion. To each their own my friends! If you feel better taking something or putting yourself on some system then more power to you! Please don’t get angry with me when I am not interested though and don’t get angry with me when I beg you to research what you are putting in your body. If you dig in and you can feel confident in the things you are taking and you actually understand the products then that is great- just take care of your body; remember, you only get one…

That being said!

I have compiled a list of things that I do to feel my best on a daily basis whether I am working out or not. I will be the first to admit I haven’t always felt my best. I haven’t always taken care of myself like I should and I nearly made myself very ill with being TOO healthy. Fast forward to today and having been in that hole I know what it feels like to be on both ends of health and I can, without a doubt, tell you that I feel GREAT. I DO have energy and I consider myself a high output individual. I demand a lot from my body, I expect the best and I give myself the best.

Check out my tips for feeling your best below!

My Top Ten Ways to Feel Great

  1. Start your day with a cocktail of Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother (available at Wal-Mart) and lemon juice mixed with a little hot water (about 4 oz with 1 tbsp vinegar and 1 tbsp FRESH lemon juice)
  2. Prep yourself a balanced breakfast made up of a blend of healthy complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats. Then Prep yourself a mid-morning snack and lunch and a midafternoon snack that are also balanced and whole food (nothing from a box). Eat BALANCED meals, with plenty of VEGETABLES.
  3. Take a GOOD Multi-Vitamin that you UNDERSTAND (notice I am not telling a specific brand, just get a good one). Maybe add an extra Vitamin C and Zinc around cold season.
  4. Take 30 minutes a day (even broken into segments!) to go outside and walk, do bodyweight exercises or go up and down stairs (YES, even at work!)-OR-if you have more time, go to the gym!
  5. Drink plenty of water, not too cold OR try hot tea if you like a warm beverage
  6. Avoid alcohol
  7. Avoid sugar in all forms except from vegetables and from #8
  8. Eat only ONE piece of fruit a day (and NOT before bed)
  9. Follow a routine, do the same things and do them around the same times every day-your body craves it!
  10. Go TO BED.
    1. If I must be up at 5 for work, I go to bed at 10 and I wake with no alarm. If I don’t work that day I go to bed at 11 and I am up by 7. I go to sleep quickly because my days are full and I need to recharge (which is NORMAL and HEALTHY); I wake up ready to go because I have followed the previous 9 tips consistently.

      I don’t understand why being tired is a bad thing. Being tired is a sign that we need to recharge, it’s your body talking to you.




I could go on for days on things that are “best practices” for optimum health but I really tried to condense down to the main things that I feel anyone can benefit from.

Remember, excellence is diligence practiced OVER TIME. I have done these things consistently for as long as I can think back. It is amazing how being good to your body gets you so much ROI (return on investment).

You know what else I love?

That this information doesn’t cost you a thing; it doesn’t promise you “magic” in a bottle, pill or powder.  What it does promise is the chance to take personal accountability for your lifestyle and your choices. There is no need to chase a magic solution or spend your money (or your friends’ money….) to be HEALTHY and energetic.  You don’t have to take hundreds of dollars in supplements or magic solutions- unless you just want to, then go right ahead. But I argue if you will take the steps to take care of your body properly to begin with, it will take care of you.

Now you may be thinking “that’s all great and stuff but I am not really sure how to really eat healthy or what a balanced meal is”.

It is OK!

99% of adults (yes I made that up, but it is pretty close!) can’t even tell you what the 5 basic food groups are or what exactly makes up a calorie and how many of those you are supposed to eat in a day anyway!

There is a dramatic and alarming need for NUTRITIONAL education in society.

If you want to learn more about nutrition (for example, what is a complex carbohydrate??) and feeling better through the use of proper lifestyle then don’t hesitate to get with me!

I teach bi-weekly nutrition classes that take you through the basics of food (what exactly is a calorie anyway?).

My next series starts in January, right after the 1st!

It’s the perfect time to learn how to properly take care of YOU and then use that knowledge not only to help yourself but your family as well… and then your friends. You can learn and then teach-and no one has to sign up, refer two friends, and jump through hoops to earn bonuses or spend a small fortune while you’re at it.

….And it’s safe to give to your kids!

To Feeling Your Best,

Liz Jackson