Perfect Keto Chocolate Cinnamon Roll Scones



Long time no recipe guys!!! Between podcasting, starting my new company    and blazing through life like I’m living on rocket-fuel it’s been a tad busy!

BUT… I managed to make a BOMB breakfast for the boys the other morning and I wanted to share!

I am loving the Keto WOE and getting creative when it comes to treats is my “bacon and butta’ “!

This recipe uses a special little ingredient, Grass Fed Collagen Protein. While Collagen isn’t the best muscle building protein, the amino acids are specifically great for joints, ligaments, tendons, healthy hair and tissues. And this protein cooks up without causing dryness like Whey can and also has added MCT (medium chain triglycerides) to give you even more high performing fat burning fuel!

Perfect Keto Chocolate Cinnamon Roll Scones

Scone Base (will be divided)
>3 cups of shredded Mozzarella Cheese, divided (1.5 cups each)

>1.5 cups of Almond Flour, divided (generous ¾ cup in one, scant ¾ cup in another)

>1 scoop Perfect Keto Collagen plus MCT protein powder

>4 Tablespoons of Cream Cheese

>2 tsp cocoa powder

> liquid stevia extract to taste (I used 1 dropper full for entire recipe)

> 1 tbsp Baking powder, divided

Filling 1

>1 Tablespoon of Cinnamon

>2 tbsp butter, softened

>2 tsp powdered sweetener such as Swerve


Filling 2

>2 tbsp low sugar all natural peanut butter

>2 tsp coconut oil

> 1/4 tsp maple extract, optional

>1 serving lily’s sugar free chocolate chips




– 2 Tablespoons of cream cheese, softened

> ¼ tsp – ½ tsp maple extract, optional (to taste)

> 4 drops liquid stevia, to taste

>1/2 tbsp butter, softened



  1. Preheat oven to 350. Seperate out the cream cheese and mozzarella cheese into two separate bowls. Divided the almond flour as described above. In the scat ¾ cup almond flour add a scoop of Perfect Keto Collagen plus MCT and ½ tbsp. baking powder and 2 tsp cocoa powder. In the other add in ½ tbsp. baking powder. Stir both well.
  2. In a large bowl, melt first divided mozzarella cheese and cream cheese in microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and if stringy, microwave for another 30 seconds. Stir. Continue this process until melted and of a doughy consistency.
  3. Add in almond flour, and stevia drops mixing in until dough consistency is reached again. Roll into a ball and set aside.
  4. Repeat the above instructions with the remaining cheese, cream cheese mixture, adding in the almond flour, Perfect Keto and cocoa powder mix.
  5. Spread dough 1 out into a rectangle being careful to not to flatten it out too thin, you want to be able to roll it easily.
  6. Spread the softened butter over the top of the crust. Sprinkle cinnamon, sweetener, evenly over the dough.
  7. Carefully, roll up, lengthwise, into a log. Set aside.
  8. Repeat steps with dough 2, spreading into a rectangle.
  9. Then melt peanut butter, coconut oil and maple extract in microwave for 15 seconds. Stir. Spread over the surface of the dough. Add in the chocolate chips placing throughout the dough. Carefully, roll up, lengthwise, into a log.
  10. Place both logs next to each other and carefully braid them together, then turning into a circle. (this picture below was taken AFTER baking)

20170713_10304411.Bake for 20 minutes, approx… PLEASE WATCH CLOSELY! Oven temperatures and altitudes cause a variation. Take out, and let cool for 5 minutes.

12.Glaze as desired and cut into 8-10 equal sized scones. Enjoy!



Here’s a direct link to the Keto Collagen page:
Also – Use code KETO15 so everyone can get it for 15% off 🙂


*store in the fridge for up to 1 week
Calories              281
Carbs                    8g
Fiber                     3g
Sugar                    1g
Fat                       24g
Saturated Fat        9g
Protein                15g

Keto ON!

Liz Jackson


So Liz Starts a YouTube Channel…

Because life is better (and funnier too) in living color!

What are some topics/ideas that you would like me to cover? Reach out at



Looking foward to this new adventure!


Liz Jackson

Is it Buzzworthy or Not?

In my local area there has been some buzz over Collagen based protein; especially using it post  exercise to boost muscle recovery. While there may be some health benefits of the protein (just like with any responsibly made and properly researched supplement), true to my usual form, I want to make sure that everyone is as educated as possible about what they are putting in their bodies.

A few key points that you need to remember:

  1. Collagen protein IS NOT NEW; it is not revolutionary. This product, in various forms, has been around and used for years and if someone tries to tell you differently, they are trying to sell you with what is quite possibly a gimmicky product.
  2. Collagen is missing essential muscle building amino acids that ARE present in Whey or animal based protein supplements.
  3. There is no scientific research or extensive evidence behind collagen protein for anything other than some arthritic application and even that is not completely proven.

I am not just spouting random thoughts, I have spent some time researching and forming an opinion on this topic.

Here are my main sources of my formal opinion (and don’t forget, we are all allowed one).

Excerpt from: From a nutritional point of view, collagen and gelatin are a poor-quality sole source of protein since they do not contain all the essential amino acids in the proportions that the human body requires—they are not ‘complete proteins‘ (as defined by food science, not that they are partially structured). Manufacturers of collagen-based dietary supplements usually containing hydrolyzed collagen claim that their products can improve skin and fingernail quality as well as joint health. However, mainstream scientific research has not shown strong evidence to support these claims.[41] Individuals with problems in these areas are more likely to be suffering from some other underlying condition (such as normal aging, dry skin, arthritis etc.) rather than just a protein deficiency.

Excerpt from:

Hydrolyzed collagen is taken in doses of around 10g a day for skin health and some benefits to joints, and can be taken with meals. It should not be taken in higher doses as a Protein Supplement (for muscle gain and fat loss) due to having less efficacy than other protein sources and a lackluster amino acid profile


The main thing I want you to pay attention to is that Collagen protein is LACKING essential amino acids to aid in the recovery of muscles after exercise. That is why I will always recommend Whey or Whey Casein blend based protein supplements such as Nutrabio 100% Whey Isolate or the Nutrabio Muscle Matrix.

I have not touched into the cost of Collagen supplements because that is not something I have a lot insight into and I won’t try to do act like I do.

Any time you want information about a supplement I highly recommend the website called . The amount of research complied in one place is impressive and pretty easy to dissect.

You ask questions about the prescription medications you take, you make sure you put the correct octane gas in your car; you scrutinize your bills or reports from work or school. ALL of these things directly affect you and your life. I still beg the question, WHY do we not do the same with the supplements we take? Why do we just accept whatever some random person says because they are our “friend”? Look into stuff yourself, whatever it pertains to and yes, I mean everything- EVEN WHAT I SAY.

All I am asking you is to educate yourself, especially before you push something onto others.


Liz Jackson



P.S. Side note- did you know that Gelatin is basically Collagen protein? Just something to…chew on.

When Your Friends Become the “Experts”

With the vast array of information filling my newsfeed lately; my friends selling everything from weight loss wraps, miracle cure “experiences”, makeup, skincare regimens or hosting online Tupperware parties and virtual events, it is no wonder I almost feel like I’m “virtually” walking through a strip mall on a questionable part of town every time I get on Social Media (of any avenue). 

I understand why we use social media this way and I am guilty of it myself. Where else can we reach so many people with information from a single platform and we all have our OWN little stage!? And I understand why people sell products or sign up in multi-level marketing companies; what a great opportunity to earn extra income… I mean help other people (sorry I forgot how everyone cares so much of their fellow man)! But this is where I want to issue you a caution, a “friendly” warning concerning these products (no matter their nature). While I am sure some are great products and others are completely questionable; that is not the point of this post.

The point of the post is to warn you that the PRODUCT that said persons are swearing by is not the point. The point is that these companies are “marketing” companies, even says so in their classification: “Multi-level marketing”, “direct sale marketing”, etc.

Take a look at the Wikipedia definition for Multi Level Marketing:

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation.[1] Other terms used for MLM include pyramid selling,[2][3][4][5][6] network marketing,[5][7][8] and referral marketing.[9] According to the US FTC, some MLM companies constitute illegal pyramid schemes which exploit members of the organization

You are being targeting by MARKETING. Not that there is anything wrong with that per-se. What irritates me is the façade that comes with marketing.

Check this out:


No where in there does it say anything about “helping others with products”. The only mention of the actual word “product” is for discounts for the seller.

The PRODUCT is secondary to MARKETING.

I know people that have been working very hard to lose weight for quite some time, going to the gym and eating right-seeing results this way too, doing it the most sustainable way-naturally. Someone SELLS them on a product and then all the sudden ALL of their progress is because of that product and all you have to do is sign up with them and you too can see the same amazing results-just use this product and sign up your friends so you get yours free! Marketing, marketing, marketing and the pyramid grows-people make MONEY and people SPEND way too much money. Those selling surely don’t mind that you’re buying their products, it’s padding their pocketbook but what about YOU? Can you actually afford whatever it is you are purchasing? Or are you being pushed by someone that is maybe a fast talker and a little more mentally savvy than you into something that you don’t understand? I see this a lot and I see it in my friends. It makes me worry.

I will give you an example.

A good friend of mine starting taking a lifestyle product and then very shortly after starting selling it as well. Posting all over social media about how amazing the products are and how they are changing lives. I didn’t say anything to this person about it because when I have tried to approach others about it in the past and ask some reasonable questions I would get immediate anger and I have actually lost friendships over questioning certain things. So I said nothing.

A few months later this friend is off the products and finally asked me what my opinion was. I preceded with a “please do not get upset” before I even started on my personal opinion and thankfully my friend did not. But when I started breaking down the label of the what was in the products and asking questions my friend was dumbfounded and immediately shocked. My friend could not believe what was in the products…and this gave me great pause.

How could my friend be so unaware of something that they were so passionately swearing by just a few short weeks ago? It is puzzling to me. And this is my 3rd word of caution. Your friend selling that amazing product that they think is so amazing…do they really know exactly what they are selling you? I am willing to bet they don’t. You can’t expect to believe that someone that has no dietary experience or nutritional background to all the sudden become an expert on what is good for you, can you? Or on the flip side. You can’t reasonably believe that someone with no previous skincare experience to all the sudden be the expert on what is going to make your years of sun damage magically disappear.

All I am saying is this:

You want to take something, buy something, sell something: MORE POWER TO YOU.

HOWEVER, make sure whatever you are selling, buying or taking is something that you understand, have done research on and are willing to use yourself and have been using yourself for quite some time before you start leading others to do the same.

Take responsibility for your actions towards your body and hold others bodies and minds in the same high accord as you have for your own (or at least you should). And so help me-DON’T LET SOMEONE SELL YOU JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN SOLD.

Remember, some friends will be there when you really need them and other “friends” that are only there for their need of you (r) *cough cough… money and sometimes it is hard to discern someone’s true intentions.  

One thing about it, I’d rather be poor and still be your friend.


Thinking About YOU not what I get from you.


Liz Jackson

Top Tips to Feel Your Best

A few days ago I posted on Facebook about how great I felt and everything that I had managed to do that day; all with pep in my step and energy to spare. In all honesty I was kind of poking a little friendly fun at my friends that have all the sudden become healthy living advocates after discovering the “next best thing” in health products.

We all have know someone or at least know someone that knows someone that is selling through multi-level marketing and a lot of these things are health and wellness products. Let me stop right there and tell you that I believe a lot of these companies are legitimate businesses and there is legitimate ability to make money with them-doesn’t mean I want to be involved with them though. I have some that confuse Nutrabio with a multi-level company (they are NOT) and I am quick to correct any confusion on that front. Nutrabio is a supplement company, did you see that word? SUPPLEMENT. Which means SUPPLEMENTAL- or in addition to. I love Nutrabio’s Multi-Vitamin and I love Nutrabio Protein for after a hard workout and I love their amino acid products for training-BUT that isn’t the purpose of this post.  I am talking about feeling good and having energy every day-no matter if you are working out or not.

Let me explain-some of my friends have started avoiding me  because I don’t immediately jump on the next bandwagon of “miracle supplements” or because I ask questions that they cannot answer and they take it as me being “rude”.  It is frustrating because I don’t understand why we can’t be friends and have a different opinion. To each their own my friends! If you feel better taking something or putting yourself on some system then more power to you! Please don’t get angry with me when I am not interested though and don’t get angry with me when I beg you to research what you are putting in your body. If you dig in and you can feel confident in the things you are taking and you actually understand the products then that is great- just take care of your body; remember, you only get one…

That being said!

I have compiled a list of things that I do to feel my best on a daily basis whether I am working out or not. I will be the first to admit I haven’t always felt my best. I haven’t always taken care of myself like I should and I nearly made myself very ill with being TOO healthy. Fast forward to today and having been in that hole I know what it feels like to be on both ends of health and I can, without a doubt, tell you that I feel GREAT. I DO have energy and I consider myself a high output individual. I demand a lot from my body, I expect the best and I give myself the best.

Check out my tips for feeling your best below!

My Top Ten Ways to Feel Great

  1. Start your day with a cocktail of Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother (available at Wal-Mart) and lemon juice mixed with a little hot water (about 4 oz with 1 tbsp vinegar and 1 tbsp FRESH lemon juice)
  2. Prep yourself a balanced breakfast made up of a blend of healthy complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats. Then Prep yourself a mid-morning snack and lunch and a midafternoon snack that are also balanced and whole food (nothing from a box). Eat BALANCED meals, with plenty of VEGETABLES.
  3. Take a GOOD Multi-Vitamin that you UNDERSTAND (notice I am not telling a specific brand, just get a good one). Maybe add an extra Vitamin C and Zinc around cold season.
  4. Take 30 minutes a day (even broken into segments!) to go outside and walk, do bodyweight exercises or go up and down stairs (YES, even at work!)-OR-if you have more time, go to the gym!
  5. Drink plenty of water, not too cold OR try hot tea if you like a warm beverage
  6. Avoid alcohol
  7. Avoid sugar in all forms except from vegetables and from #8
  8. Eat only ONE piece of fruit a day (and NOT before bed)
  9. Follow a routine, do the same things and do them around the same times every day-your body craves it!
  10. Go TO BED.
    1. If I must be up at 5 for work, I go to bed at 10 and I wake with no alarm. If I don’t work that day I go to bed at 11 and I am up by 7. I go to sleep quickly because my days are full and I need to recharge (which is NORMAL and HEALTHY); I wake up ready to go because I have followed the previous 9 tips consistently.

      I don’t understand why being tired is a bad thing. Being tired is a sign that we need to recharge, it’s your body talking to you.




I could go on for days on things that are “best practices” for optimum health but I really tried to condense down to the main things that I feel anyone can benefit from.

Remember, excellence is diligence practiced OVER TIME. I have done these things consistently for as long as I can think back. It is amazing how being good to your body gets you so much ROI (return on investment).

You know what else I love?

That this information doesn’t cost you a thing; it doesn’t promise you “magic” in a bottle, pill or powder.  What it does promise is the chance to take personal accountability for your lifestyle and your choices. There is no need to chase a magic solution or spend your money (or your friends’ money….) to be HEALTHY and energetic.  You don’t have to take hundreds of dollars in supplements or magic solutions- unless you just want to, then go right ahead. But I argue if you will take the steps to take care of your body properly to begin with, it will take care of you.

Now you may be thinking “that’s all great and stuff but I am not really sure how to really eat healthy or what a balanced meal is”.

It is OK!

99% of adults (yes I made that up, but it is pretty close!) can’t even tell you what the 5 basic food groups are or what exactly makes up a calorie and how many of those you are supposed to eat in a day anyway!

There is a dramatic and alarming need for NUTRITIONAL education in society.

If you want to learn more about nutrition (for example, what is a complex carbohydrate??) and feeling better through the use of proper lifestyle then don’t hesitate to get with me!

I teach bi-weekly nutrition classes that take you through the basics of food (what exactly is a calorie anyway?).

My next series starts in January, right after the 1st!

It’s the perfect time to learn how to properly take care of YOU and then use that knowledge not only to help yourself but your family as well… and then your friends. You can learn and then teach-and no one has to sign up, refer two friends, and jump through hoops to earn bonuses or spend a small fortune while you’re at it.

….And it’s safe to give to your kids!

To Feeling Your Best,

Liz Jackson





Clean Sweep Of The Week!-Buckeyes

We are on a roll with desserts!

This recipe submitted by a dear friend, Tanya, is for the traditional Buckeyes that often show up on our holiday tables and dessert plates.

….you guys are killing me…I am going to have to get back into dinner one of these days, lol!

Let’s check it out!

Here is the link to the original recipe:
Those look too darn perfect for my liking…


  • 1 12 cups Smucker’s® Natural Creamy Peanut Butter or 1 12 cups Jif® Creamy Peanut Butter


  1. COMBINE peanut butter, butter, vanilla and salt in large bowl. Beat with an electric mixer on LOW until blended. Add 2 cups powdered sugar, beating until blended. Beat in additional powdered sugar until mixture, when shaped into a ball, will stay on a toothpick. Shape into 1-inch balls. Refrigerate.
  2. PLACE chocolate chips and shortening in microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on MEDIUM for 30 seconds. Stir. Repeat until mixture is smooth. Reheat as needed while coating peanut butter balls.
  3. INSERT toothpick in peanut butter ball. Dip 3/4 of ball into chocolate, leaving top uncovered to resemble a buckeye. Remove excess. Place on wax paper-lined tray. Remove toothpick. Smooth over holes. Refrigerate until firm.
  4. Variation:.
  5. SPICY BUCKEYES: ADD 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper with peanut butter mixture in step 1. Continue recipe as directed.

Servings: 40


So here is what I did… and honestly mine don’t look quite like those (or as pretty…), BUT after several taste testers I have been assured that these are very yummy and I can attest-guilt free!

buckeye1 buckeye2

  • 96g natural PB of choice
  • ¼ cup water plus ¼ cup water PLUS 1/8 cup water-divided
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 12 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup powdered stevia
  • 5 scoops Nutrabio Vanilla Whey Isolate Protein
  • ½ cup oat flour
  • 14g (1 serving) unsweetened chocolate
  • 14g (1 serving) semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 scant tsp coconut oil, melted


Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl.

COMBINE peanut butter, vanilla, and ¼ cup water in large bowl.. Add the dry ingredients until the mixture looks like a large crumbly dry mixture. Add the other ¼ cup water, mixing with your hands. Continue to add water SLOWLY WHILE YOU MIX -until the mix will Shape into 1-inch balls. You do not want the mix to be overly wet. (if that happens, don’t panic! Just add more protein powder-a little at a time)

Place on a wax paper lined sheet and refrigerate.

PLACE chocolate chips, unsweetened chocolate and coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds. Stir. Repeat until mixture is smooth (I only had to heat it once at 30 seconds and then again for 10 seconds)

Take the chocolate mix and pour over the balls, dividing the chocolate mix between the balls as equally as possible. I would place all the balls close together so you have little space between so you don’t “waste” the chocolate. I did not fully coat the balls but made sure that they all got around halfway covered.

Freeze until firm and then store in the fridge.

If you want to do the spicy variation go right ahead- cinnamon and cayenne won’t change the nutritional breakdown 😉

Servings: 40


See? Guilt Free!

Here’s to stopping with just one!… Good Luck, ( I failed miserably).

Liz Jackson

This One’s For YOU.

Since my last topic was about supplements for our kids I thought I would write to you the supplements I currently take in MY regimen (you really didn’t think I was only neurotic with Grays dailies, did you?). As parents we worry ourselves to death about the health of our kids and making sure they get what they need, often times at the high price of our own bodies, neglecting them in the process. One day we wake up and look in the mirror and wonder, “What in the HELL happened?” Over tired, overweight and mentally exhausted are just a few of the effects that having even just one child can have on you as a whole-not to mention all of the other responsibilities that come with being an adult. Especially if you are working a job outside of taking care of a home (which we all know is a full time job!). Oh and let’s not forget to mention extracurricular activities you might over commit to or your KIDS might over commit you too added on top of that mix.


Between our constant go go GO life in the fast lane and the FAST FOOD lane it is no wonder our health is eroding.  While I truly feel that proper diet, exercise, SLEEP and time for mental health are MOST important when it comes to being and KEEPING yourself healthy, I also believe in the power of supplements to help bridge the gaps in our nutrition and uncontrollable bumps in lifes ever winding road.

I am not going to discuss Pre and Post workout supplementation (at least not much) because I understand that not everyone is like me. This is more focused on the things that every person could implement into their daily routines with positive benefits.

The timing of your vitamins is important and I think it is important to not try to take everything all at once (and especially on an empty stomach), because your body can only absorb so much of each nutrient in a given time. Whatever your body can’t use or store (that is water soluble at least) will be excreted out in urine. So in order to not piss on all your efforts, let’s try to keep your pee from being worth more than Gold, shall we?

I am going to give you my daily vitamin/supplement routine and explain my reasoning behind that nutrient placement and my recommendations on a product to use if you wanted to start doing the same. I must emphasis I am NOT a doctor and I am speaking only from personal experience. Check with your M.D. if you feel compelled to do so.


Immediately upon waking (literally-within 5 minutes)

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice in 3 oz. warm water (drank through a straw- don’t want enamel erosion)
Post Lemon Juice
3 tsp diluted to 1tbsp with water-Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (I use brand)-shot down like a shot (again, past the teeth)
-I find this particularly helpful if my throat is at all irritated and I will do it a couple times a day if a sore throat persists. Mid

Breakfast meal and also Pre Workout (I eat half my breakfast and then take these-I do this to avoid a queasy stomach)

2 Nutrabio Multi-Vitamin for Athletes, Women’s Formula (the multitasker!)

2 HMB (This is a Nutrabio product that helps maintain Lean Muscle Mass)

1 500mg Vitamin C (NutraBio)

1 30mg OptiZinc (NutraBio-I do this for an immune booster)

1 B-100 Complex (Nutrabio) -studies have shown that B vitamins help digestion of Carbohydrate Calories as well as supplying energy

1 Vitamin D3 (Nutrabio) -I usually only take this in the winter months when I don’t get as much sunshine

Mid Afternoon (taken with a snack)

2 Nutrabio Multi-Vitamin for Athletes, Women’s Formula

2 HMB (This is a Nutrabio product that helps maintain Lean Muscle Mass)

1 B-100 complex (Nutrabio)-sustained energy

I take the first two at breakfast as well and the rest of the recommended daily dose later in the day-my reasoning is that I want to spread out the vitamins and minerals throughout the day.

Before Bed

ZMA (a Zinc, Magnesium blend from Nutrabio that helps to promote recovery from training and works as a natural Sleep enhancer).

-I really feel like this helps me so much, I sleep like a zombie! I usually sleep 6-7 hours a night, which I realize isn’t enough and I am happy to have something that helps my body recover as quickly as possible from the day’s activities.

It might seem like a lot and maybe at first it feels like it, but I have found that the longer I have done this the more being part of my “daily morning ritual” it has become. Now as normal and routine as making my coffee or brushing my teeth.

Ready to dive into some of these? I highly recommend Nutrabio prducts to you-as the Company is a FDA and GMP inspected facility with complete label disclosure and product transparency (you know EXACTLY what you are getting) and I invite you to use my coupon code for 10% off and flat rate shipping!
Code: LJ2014 (just put it in at check out)

To YOUR Best Health,

Liz Jackson Team Nutrabio Athlete


The Top 5 Nutrabio Supplements I Take that You Should Too!

NutraBio Logo - Vector-blackThe Top 5 Nutrabio Supplements I Take that You Should Too!

ZMA-Spending all day in our Rat Race Rally can make winding down a little tough! Throw in a good workout into an already hectic day can leave your body in high need of good quality sleep and body recovery. ZMA, is a sleep enhancer and growth initiator you take about 30 minutes prior to shut eye. This is a convenient and easy way to get your body set for maximal recovery while you sleep.j2

POST– A sister to Nutrabio’s most recent released pre workout supplement, PRE; POST is meant to be taken post workout for maximum body stress reduction and recovery for the ultimate anti-catabolism fix. I personally take ½ scoop with my post workout whey isolate protein and another ½ scoop with my bedtime snack of Micellar Casein Protein.
I have found since the introduction of POST into my personal regimen I can hit it hard in the gym several days in a row and feel strong for each workout, which is something that I was missing before. Not to mention the strength gains and we all love gains!

Agmatine– Taken about 30 minutes prior to training and about 5 minutes before I start drinking my PRE with Creafuze and BCAA’s. Agmatine helps to dilate your blood vessels and helps distribute energy while facilitating an awesome pump during your workout, while priming you for optimal recovery post workout! Coupling this with Creafuze, blood flow and pump are extreme!

OKG– a muscle breakdown inhibitor, this is extremely important for someone like me that is consistently hitting it hard and demanding 110%. Taken prior to training, I can rest assured that my hard earned muscle is protected from the constant demands of my training schedule.

CreaFuze-Sometimes shunned, especially by females, for fear of water retention. Creatine is tried and true for good reason, it WORKS. Creafuze is a great blend of the three main types of Creatine and helps to give you that extra edge in your workout, helping you gain strength and subsequently SIZE. Bigger is ALWAYS better in the muscle department!

Happy Training!

Liz Jackson
Nutrabio Elite Athlete
Coupon Code LJ2014