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Liz Jackson

To The Beautiful Souls That Keep Us Afloat

I implore you to think of that person (we all have at least one) that you know that is the person I talk about in this letter and when you have it figured out, I want you to send it to them (just copy and paste). The thought that you are thinking of them will mean the WORLD to this person. I don’t say that because I know who you will pick, but because the person that you pick will be so touched and so full of joy because of who THEY are.

I was moved to write this today and I am not sure why. But when the urge hits, there is a reason for it and I cannot ignore it!

I hope this brings joy to those that need it and hits home for others as it has for me.


To Those Souls,

I watch you.

Day in and day out, there is no one as steady as you.

Continually striving, struggling and stretching for people that will never repay you- and you do it anyway. You serve, sweat and swerve off course at your own expense to help someone that doesn’t know the first thing about doing the same thing-yet you do it anyway.

You give knowing there is no repayment, you allow yourself to be hurt- yet you do it anyway. You know you will be used yet you do it anyway, you know full well they won’t give what you do and yet you continue to give it anyway.

You bend until you break- and you keep bending anyway.

Why do you do it? It can be a puzzle to most, but I know the truth because I know you most.

It’s Because you are YOU and that is what you would do and what you would hope for if you were in their shoes. You are a healer, a believer, the calm after the storm.

You are not them- you are not a taker, a scammer or a game player- maybe you aren’t dripping in money but you have something that even earthly wealth can’t buy-a beautiful inside that will always stay humble and kind.

People will ask you; why do you try? Why do you strive? Why do you help someone until it hurts; when that same soul will take no time turning their back on you the second you are no longer serving their needs?

The answer is simple- because you are YOU.

You see it isn’t about them, it isn’t about who they are or who they’ve been; it’s all about who YOU are and the power within.

Don’t let the evil of the world; the takers, nay-sayers or the backstabbers stop you from being what you are at your core.

You ARE Beautiful, flawed but striving-always caring and sharing what you have (even when it might nearly kill you) for another. To help, to calm, to save someone else even at the expense of yourself. This is a gift, one not given to many.

You start your day with ferocity and end in exhaustion; sailing high when others are high and bring yourself down to the trenches when are those that are low. Don’t ever stop loving the way that you do, because it is people like you that bring beauty into the darkness, laughter into the madness and joy into sadness.

There is no “thank you” big enough for what you are and what you do. And what is so great about you; even with my lack of ability to articulate how wonderful you are, you’ll DO IT ANYWAY.

And that continues to give me hope in a world that seems so bleak, a time in life when it can be hard to speak. Thank you for bringing a light around us.

Thank you for always being about us.


To Our Beautiful Friends,

Liz Jackson